Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,
I never want to forget how your whole face lights up when you see a jet in the sky. How you chase it around the yard squealing with delight because you think Super Man is off on a mission. And how you try … so bad with all your super hero strength to fly with him.

I never want to forget how in the middle of the night… you come in with both teddy bears, a lunch box of action figures and your Star Wars blanket dragging behind you to cuddle up in bed with us. You always tell me that puppy is scared and he wants to sleep with me.

I never want to forget how when I say no you look at me with the most adorable face and say “say yes mom” “pleeease” and when the answer is still no. You hug me… look at me straight on.. so serious and say “Mom, I like your hair. You’re pretty” Like this little Casanova move is going to change the answer… and I will let you run around outside with no clothes on while it’s raining.

I never want to forget how in the middle of a soccer game you find a dandelion and immediately stop playing. Pick the flower… and run over to me beaming and say “Mommy, I picked you a pretty flower”

I never want to forget how my kisses and ice cream with sprinkles… is the cure to anything and everything.

I never want to forget how much you love Nala, and when we are all in the car you insist that you two hold hands. And Nala just lays there while you clutch onto her paws.

I never want to forget that serious look on your face when you were explaining to me that Iron Man asked you for help, so this year Ho Ho needs to bring you shoes that will help you fly.

I never want to forget these little magical moments. These moments of Popsicle grins, milk mustaches, super heroes, smiles, squeals, and “Mom… Mom… watch this” Moments. I want to wrap all of these little moments and just hold onto them forever.

Thank you Maddux, for making my life magical all over again.


*** Photos were taken by Melody Ann Photography.
Which I am excited to tell you, she will be hosting a giveaway on my blog tomorrow!
Check back in tomorrow!

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