Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mothers Day - DIY Gift Ideas #2

Nothing like some last minute gift ideas! Somehow I try to plan for most things. but then it just sneaks up on me.

So Mothers Day is tough. Because really .. usually you just want to give your moms a thoughtful gift. Something sentimental... but also hopefully something that won't break the bank.. ya know?

I love photos. I think we all do. So usually on Mothers and Fathers Day I do something for someone that involves photos.

This project is for Maddux's MeeMaw.
Maddux actually named her. Not sure where it came from. If he was trying to say grandma... or what happened. But MeeMaw it was and MeeMaw it is.
So this year for Mothers day... I found her a print you can also find Here.
Just like yesterday there are a variety of sayings.

This one... I did like the tutorial from yesterdays prints that Shanty-2-Chic shared.

I decided to combine this print with a photo
So I took a 1x12 and stained the board. (sorry for the glare... took this photo with my phone)

Attached my print with some plain ole nails.

Then added on a cute little clip that you could easily swap out photos with. (this is not the photo I am sending her... I haven't had that printed out yet... and this one I had laying around)

This is an easy gift. Especially if you are like me and have a garage filled with random scraps of wood. :)

This gift is quick and easy. The hardest part is waiting for the stain to dry :)

Tomorrow I am sharing a Mothers Day gift that Maddux made :)

Linked up at tatertots and jello
Anyone have any gift ideas they would like to share?


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