Friday, May 3, 2013

Snippets of Home

I missed this last week... due mainly to the chaos of putting in the new dining room floors and french doors to the deck. So in the middle of chaos. This was forgotten.
Snippets of Home started because of Blueberrys Blog I found this idea over on her site... And fell in love with it.

I loved that she concentrated on simple small details of her home... and simple moments inside her home on a weekly basis.

So here are a few of mine from the past few weeks.

1. Star Wars Art - DIY :) Love.

2. Newly planted lilac bushes. My favorite flower.

3. Planning a garden on the unused side of the house. Drawing up plans on what to do about that slope of a yard though.

4. Goodbye ugly orange wood trim. Hello wall of soon to be white windows!

5. My favorite time of the day. Every single day

6. Painted birdhouses. Thank you Maddux :)

7.  Maddux's first artwork he brought home. This is my favorite artwork in the house. :)

8. Maddux's baby silhouette.

9. Stacked colorful books. Always makes me smile

There you have it a few small details in my home that make me happy. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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