Monday, June 3, 2013

Black Doors Update!

Took a week off of blogging... Then one week seems to turn into 2.
It's hard to take a break and then jump back in. But finally back on track.

Paint Sprayer = best thing ever!

With this bad boy...

I was able to finish up all the doors I have been putting off... in one day. Amazing. 

I went out there every couple of hours... 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint. Let them dry over night... and ready to hang the next day. so here we are! 

All the doors upstairs are now finished.. 

and.. if you didn't notice... all that trim is finally painted white also. (except a few windows....)

I never thought the day would happen!

Finally this can be crossed off our GIGANTIC to do list!

Now to just finish off all the moulding and get those up on the doors. but hey... at least we finally have doors back on all the rooms. That's a start :)

The final doors will look like the last photo above. I have moulding on about half the doors. it is a tedious... boring process. so I tend to ignore it for a few weeks :)

So do you keep a to do list of home projects... ? Anyone else get excited when you can finally crossing something off of your to do list?

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