Monday, June 10, 2013

Deck... Day 1.

So we finally started a couple of outdoor projects.
One of them is our deck. It was in bad shape when we bought the house...

We have some rotted boards that need to be replaced.... and overall it is pretty dry.

It needs some work.

This summer we are putting in a stone patio off the walk out... so we need to move the stairs so that the deck will walk down to the stone patio.

So day 1 our deck looks like this

First thing to do was bleach it and power wash...
which brightened up our deck A LOT.

So next up... replacing the one bad board. sanding down the deck.. and staining.
We are moving the railing and changing the stairs once the patio goes in.

So anyone have any deck stain they would like to recommend? Do you use a sprayer?

Hoping the rain holds off this weekend so we can get this done!

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