Monday, June 17, 2013

Patio Day 2

So the patio guys came on Friday and started digging... and removed our deck stairs (which need to be re-routed... so that they will land on the patio)

Friday they dug up the area... and leveled it all out. and now that there is a giant slab of dirt I finally can visualize how big our patio will be. Staring at the grass and trying to visualize it was hard so I was crossing my fingers it was the size I wanted... and it is! Thank goodness!

Now once they finished on Friday... Saturday it rained... and rained... and rained.

So I had a giant mud pit in our back yard... that my 3 year old desperately wanted to jump in.  Giant hole filled with mud was the most appealing thing he has ever seen. He just knew... that mud meant worms. Is it normal that little boys love worms. I mean. the other day he was talking to something on the table and I was like what do you have. walked over and that little stinker snuck in 3 worms that he had laying up on the dining room table. He was devastated when I made him take them back outside... in his words "But mommy... those are my friends!" Sigh.

So the giant mud pit in our backyard all weekend was hard on him. All those friends... so close by that he wasn't allowed to play with.

So after day 1... here is our backyard.

So there you have it. Day 1 progress. to dig that... it would have taken me a month. and to get it level. Pfft....

Hopefully the weather cooperates this week!

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