Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deck... We have stairs!

We finally have stairs. We can finally let our dog outside from the kitchen and not worry about her running the streets. We are now back to chasing our child who enjoys a good morning streaking through the backyard (sorry neighbors!)

I am so excited. These stairs were pricey. but oh so worth it. It adds so much to our very boring deck.

So now we can put out our deck furniture. We bought an outdoor sectional... that I am in love with. This photo is a little wonky because I put a random stool on the other side of the coffee table... but that was me trying to visualize what chairs I should get to go across from the sectional. 

So up next on our to do list for the deck...

Painting these doors... haven't landed on a color. Considering light grey because I have that paint here and it would be free...
I also want a larger light fixture... so looking for something to replace that.

See how our sectional covers up the non working side of the french doors? It bugs me. but that's where the hubs wanted it...and sometimes I let him win. so that way he is happy and if I decide to paint those doors a bright yellow.. he will throw less of a fit. Pick your battle girls... :)

Oh and I should mention.... we hung the swing..  and by we... I mean... Jer :)

Not gonna lie... that swing makes me giddy. I am hoping to fill in under the deck with some pretty plants and add a very short stone pathway to my swing... however.. I am too short... so i might need a little step stool for that swing too..

So did you finish up any outdoor projects while the weather was behaving???


  1. Love the deck!! And your patio furniture is awesome, too!! We hope to build a deck at our place sometime.

    Found your blog through The Foley Family. :))

  2. Thanks for the share! I actually just got done having almost an identical deck built off the back of my house except we went with a Outdoor Spiral Staircase instead of the traditional stairs. Maybe I'll post some pictures so you can check it out :)! Thanks again!

  3. where did you get your swing?

  4. where did you get your swing?

    1. CB2's summer catalog last year! I am not sure if they have it this year again? Hope that helps!


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