Monday, July 1, 2013

Small Updates- Exterior Trim

I always hated that the door trim blended in with our house... (you can see below where i tested the new trim paint...)

Plus it was peeling and in pretty rough shape.

So I googled and googled because I could not figure out what color to paint the trim since our house is an off white... I thought white trim would look off. But I didn't want it to blend in with the siding again. so it was hard. So I found some color combos on BHG that had blue, Off white, and a color called wood smoke.

So I went to Home Depot and grabbed a quart of exterior paint in wood smoke.

So after 13 bucks... and about 45 minutes of work, my door now looks like this...

Not too bad for round 1 of finally getting to the front of my house (I am running a little behind.... this crazy weather set me back... BIG TIME)

Next is some porch planters, new exterior lights, and I am thinking of a door knocker rather than a wreath (we don't have a wreath in this photo... but there is a hook for one. haha). Not sold on that yet. Still debating. We will have to see.

But round 2 will still be a few weeks away. so hopefully by mid July I will have some new porch planters up there.

And because he thought it would be funny to keep opening the door and smiling while I was taking the photos... he deserves to be up here :)


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