Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dining Room Progress Weekend 1

So we started adding some boards up on the walls ... we are trying to replicate the look of the library to tie the two rooms in together.

So we added boards to all the walls. Filled in all the nail holes... sanded them down.
Primed... Primed.. and Primed some more.
Painted the ceiling
Caulked all the gaps. Every single gap.
Then painted... and painted some more.

My step father was ever so nice to come hang the new chandelier for me.... which i may or may not just randomly pet and whisper I love you too.

Now the chandelier is low. We are waiting to build the table to see where we want to raise it up to. I just love looking at it, so I wanted it up right away.

We started here

So after a long weekend. we were here.

So going back to the to do list... we managed to knock out four items off our to do list in a weekend.

1. add board and batten to the walls to add in some architectural interest that matches the library.
2. paint the room white.
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Hang new Chandelier
5. Replace the light switch with a dimmer
6. Put up new baseboards
7. Build large dining room table
8. Find new dining chairs
9. Find colorful curtains
10. Large free standing mirror to bounce off more light
11. Wall decor
12. Table decor
13. paint window trim white
14. add woven blinds?

Now lets see what we can get done in the next week.


  1. Oh looks so good! I love it all.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully we can get it done before Thanksgiving! but so far.. its coming along :)


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