Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick DIY canvas & a WIP

So the master bedroom is neglected. I have mentioned that several times... just seems to be the room that I don't pay all that much attention to. Once in a while I will do something like the window seat.

Or add in a shoe closet

But overall... nothing i start and complete as a room in full

A few months ago I started a photo gallery ... yep a few months. 
It is still not finished. Instead.. when we took down the photo ledges in the dining room most of those pictures just got thrown on the shelves in here.... and ended up looking like this. 

Not exactly what I had imagined. So I need to work in this clean it up. I got the photo cds from Mel... so I can get started on this. I have expressed my love for engineer prints. So I need to get to Staples sometime soon and have some extra large photos printed. I love massive black and white photos. and these are easy on my checking account. I promise... if you are thinking about doing it, you will not be disappointed. The nice thing is you can use those cheap poster frames for these engineer prints and they still look awesome. Try it. 

So My idea of what this corner of the room will look like is more like this.

So I am thinking I want a row of photos on the floor also. I want to fill this wall with happy memories and moments I never want to forget. Its going to look awesome. I just need to sort out if I want same frames.. different frames. All black and white photos or a mixture of the both. 
I am thinking a more uniformed look for this wall will be better... but I am not 100% sure yet. 

Meanwhile. I had a blank canvas sitting around and one day I got out a sharpie and decided to re-creat a print I saw floating around on Pinterest.  And even though it is not perfect it works out quite well. It was free... and took all of 5 minutes. 

So once I get my booty over to Staples and get some engineer prints it will change the whole look of this gallery wall.

What about you? Have you taken a marker to a canvas?

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  1. Do you have any helpful advise on engineered prints? I'm looking at adding a couple to my home and am a little nervous on how to do it so they don't look fuzzy.


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