Thursday, February 6, 2014

This man

This man

This man....whispers I love you in my ear every single night.

This man....always gets me a glass of water when I ask. Even though my legs work perfectly fine to                         do so myself.

This man.... while getting that glass of water... never complains... not even a sigh... or an eye roll. 

This man...emails "I love you" when he gets to work

This man...always is ready and willing to fight bad guys with Maddux at the drop of a hat

This man... not only plays, but dresses up in superhero costumes with him

This man... is not only an amazing husband... but an even better father

This man... not only accepts my crazy... but embraces it

This man... gets me my favorite latte just because he went out to get gas

This man... can make me laugh even when I want to rip his face straight off his shoulders

This man... has youtubed woodworking for hours and hours just to give me my dream home

This man... kisses me on the forehead and still makes my heart skip a beat

This man... can drive me so crazy I am not sure if I will make it to my forties

This man... stays married to me... even though I tend to be Irrational Dramatic Charismatic

This man... gives our family 110% every single day

This man... makes me feel safe

This man... is my definition of happiness.

Photo by Melody Ann Photography

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