Sunday, June 22, 2014

And let there be ... more light!

Well I have always loved string lights across an outdoor space. It adds such... ambiance.
I came across a few of these on pinterest where people added in some 2x2s to their deck so they could string lights across and decided this would be a very cheap and easy update to our deck. 

So we stained some 2x2s the same color as our deck and then nailed them in randomly across the deck. 

Then we added hooks so we could string the lights across the top of the deck. and voila.

The patio lights came from Target. We bought 4 strands at 10 bucks a pop! :) So this entire project cost us under 50 bucks!

its perfect. 

Oh you might have noticed the rug changed.
Yeah... that rug they claimed was an outdoor rug... the pretty floral one. It was not. it rained and i had goops of paint all over my deck. Lovely.
Tip: when in doubt. just assume that it does not go outside :)

But I did luck out and find this Threshold rug on clearance at Target! :) 

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