Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Man. Big Desk

We finally started Maddux's room. Key word = Finally. We have been planning to start it all summer. Now it's August... and we finally got the ball rolling.

We decided to redo his room in a way that suits him. Rather than keep the Star Wars theme, we wanted to fill the room with all things that are him. So this means... Star Wars, Super heroes, Legos, Make Believe, and ART. He loves making artwork, and he loves showing it off.

So we decided to give him an art station in order to just do that.

The desk was originally our sofa table, but we decided we needed more storage down there to hide Madddux's toys that get thrown about, so we moved this upstairs and it worked perfectly. It gives him a lot of room to sprawl out lots of paper (which he loves!)
and a new sofa table project for the living room (which I love!)

 We put some plywood up on the wall so that the pins wouldn't go through to the wall, then used spray adhesive to attach the cork board to the plywood. Then took some molding and framed it out to create a giant cork board. Since.Since we cut the cork board there was a seam down the middle that we weren't very excited about so we took a 1x3 and covered that up. Then we took a small piece of string and hung some Instagram photos across the top! And now he has another place to show off his creativity!

First corner of the new big boy bedroom... Complete!

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