Friday, April 10, 2015

Hudson's Room - Part 4 - Changing Table Area

This was the last completely empty space in the nursery... and finally it's filled!

We ended up grabbing a cheap dresser from Ikea. Found Here.
We stained it (Dark Walnut) and added new Hardware. We decided to use what we had for this space so we threw our changing table cover up on top and hung a green shelf that we have had laying around the basement for quite some time.

Then little by little we started adding a few things...
I had this star bunting I bought off Etsy that I originally thought I would hang from the bookshelves in the corner... but ended up using it here instead.
On top of the shelf we put a snail up there that was painted for me as a kid by my Uncle Dave, a metal initial H, Sophie the Giraffe, a basket filled with changing table essentials, and a hand drawing of Wrigley Field from Uncle Willie.

Below the shelf was luckily filled in with more awesome shower gifts. A homemade blanket from Grandma Jones, a puppy stuffed animal from Nana (one that matches Maddux's favorite stuffed doggie he has had since he was a baby), and the adorable elephant hook holding up those bright green shoes (Thanks Lauren!) :)

We are about 3 weeks away from meeting this little man. And I am getting so excited his room is almost complete. We have a few finishing touches here and there. We are hoping to finalize this week. I will be back with one final post to show off the completed nursery from top to bottom.

I love that this little space was filled in with so many handmade gifts... and personal touches by family and friends.

I can't believe this room will have a baby in it... in just a few short weeks! We are cutting it close with getting this nursery finished!

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