Monday, April 6, 2015

Milkshake Date with Maddux

Dear Maddux, 

In about a month, you will become a big brother. 
And to be honest... at this moment you could not be more excited. 
You always talk about your new best bud Hudson and all the fun things you will do together. 
You picked out all matching outfits for you and him on our first family vacation this coming summer. 
You kiss my belly every single night and whisper... "Goodnight Hudson" 
and every night that sweet little whisper gets me choked up.... every. single. time.

Even though... I cannot wait for you to meet your little brother. 
I am looking forward to these final days of it just being... Us.
These days of focusing solely on ... just you.

Thank you to Melody Ann Photography for capturing a few moments... while its still just us two. 

 Maddux - You will be such an amazing brother. 
I already know you will have your baby brother laughing up a storm with all your silly jokes :) 
You already have your mom and dad cracking up on a daily basis. 

I look forward into seeing you jump into this new role of big brother... 
and without a doubt... I know you will be the best big brother, Hudson is already so lucky to have you. 


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