Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If I could redo my wedding....

I have a thing for anything Rustic. I like Old Country decor, Boots, Ripped Jeans, tattered journals, Old wood frames...  I like things that look worn... I love it, when i see something that is rustic.. preferably girly rustic... for example give me a beaten up wood frame and throw a single pink ribbon on it. I will buy it.
But anyways... I am not sure exactly how I came across this fabulous rustic wedding shop on etsy.... but these make me want to redo my wedding outside... rustic decor. white Christmas lights in bare branches... So anyways. I thought I would share with you this fabulous etsy shop I found.. in case you also love rustic decor or know of anyone getting married that would love it.
two initials carved into a tree looking candle. Told you add a girly touch to beat up wood and i am in love.

Adorable right????

Take a look at the etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/braggingbags

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