Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vintage Books :)

I love vintage books. I am not sure what I am going to do with this exactly. Right now I have it placed on top of our bookshelf with all of our books we have bought for Maddux. I am thinking when we get started on his play room I am going to try to use more of a vintage theme... Jerry would like to do Star Wars. but i think that since his "movie/game room" is already star wars... and is the next room over... i think i should get to have a say on his play room. Well lets face it... if i want it vintage... i will win. he can try and fight it all he wants... but at the end of the day... we will see who gets their way :)

I have a thing for buntings... a huge thing for them right now. so i came across this on another blog... i have been looking all morning trying to find it... and i cannot find it. so if anyone knows. please let me know.. and i will give credit who i stole this project from. Well anyways... she did it. and i fell in love with it. so i had to make one also... Hers was a little better... but i think mine turned out quite well :)

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