Friday, July 22, 2011

Gallery Wall Shelves Completed

I originally showed you these shelves we built here.

I realized I never actually shared a finished project... so here it is almost 6 months later... our finished gallery wall shelves... which hold soooo many photos of that adorable face!

I love these shelves! I have seen these shelves used to hold plates in the dining room, photos, cook books, spices... but if you are photo obsessed like me... These are perfect to show off so many of your favorites.

I love these shelves!

244. Garage Sales
245. Finishing a project
246. Summer movies
247. 5pm on Fridays :)
248. Maddux learning to say "Love You" when being put to bed at night
249. Watching Maddux play with his cousins
250. Family picnics


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