Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spooky Halloween Wine Bottles... Easy DIY

Spooky Halloween Bottles!

 I really like holiday decor that uses things you have.... making this project completely free! 

My mom and I love the Halloween wine bottles in the gift shop at an Apple Orchard near by. There's have potion labels ... which we didn't have any. So we decided to try out some vinyl and paint and see what we come up with. Wine bottles - free Xmas lights - free left over paint, stencils, and silhouette vinyl... already had on hand. 

I love how these turned out... adorable and easy... I love the spiders... those are probably my favorite. We used stencils from Martha's new line over at Michaels. Those stencils are super easy to use... they have adhesive on the back... so you just put them on... paint and peel off. So easy!

Once again - sorry about the photo quality... I am very close to finally being able to replace my broken camera. Bear with me a little bit longer.

 These look so great in person. If only I could get my cheap point and shoot camera to capture that.. Sigh.

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