Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

This past weekend we visited the pumpkin patch! :)
I love the pumpkin patch. This weekend was a little cold. But we went to a new one we haven't been to before and we had a blast. As you can see by the photos Maddux loved it :)

Excited for all the pumpkins!

So many pumpkins to choose from! He got to pick out his own pumpkin so we can make a captain america pumpkin for Halloween! :)

The Skeleton Band was a favorite. He just stood at the fence and watched. :)

We always love these photo ops! :) He's getting bigger!

He explained to me that this is where the zombies live... and this was his zombie face. (boys).

We loved the mounds of pumpkins.

 Possibly the greatest thing ever was the corn pit. This was amazing. He could have stayed in there all day.

The Slide was a hit. We were waiting at the top for the lady to tell us we were clear to go.... when he lets out a scream of "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME" My favorite line of the whole weekend :)

 The best expression ever. This was his first time riding a ride all by himself. He did great! :) Such a big boy!

 Just hanging out in the pumpkins...

 A wanted little man.

And last not but not least. The awesome reaction to the pig races :) Who knew he would love them this much?

All in all great weekend. And I hope we can come back to this Pumpkin Patch as a yearly tradition. We spent about 6 hours there and he loved every single minute of it. 10 bucks well spent :)

I love this time of year... its the beginning of all the magic of the holiday season. Looking forward to so many new memories we will create this year.
Did any of you wait until the last weekend to hit up the pumpkin patch too? Next year we will go earlier... Brrrr what a cold day!

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