Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Video Home Tour

So I decided to do a home tour with a video camera.
I will start out by saying I don't really understand how to work a video camera. You will notice that rather than zooming in and out i walked closer/farther from. When I was done Jerry was like... theres a zoom button. (oops)
I ramble. Because Im nervous.
And Im shaky
Oh and I have a room filled with junk. that I show you.
and I turn very fast with the camera.

So if you like the recording style of Zack Snyder. Maybe you won't be so affected by my shakiness.

Anyways. this was my first and only attempt.
and I was too lazy to redo it all after I was told about the zoom button.
But it is noted... for future recordings.

So there is our home tour...
Did I give you motion sickness?

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