About me

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make 
you something else is the greatest accomplishment"

I 'm Fawn. That handsome fella I'm kissing is Jerry.

I pretty much won the lottery when it comes to a husband.
Truly amazing.
We met in college. Had our ups and downs.
But always pulled through by leaning on each other.
Brought home our first child, our Australian Shepherd, Nala in 2006.
We got married in 2008.
Had our adorable son Maddux in 2009.
Bought our first home in 2011.
And have been busy ever since.

Life happens quickly and we love learning as we go.
We decided to take on our cookie cutter  house and do everything we can to make it a home that represents us.
We mess up a lot.
A lot.
But we learn from it and move on.
Well we argue, get frustrated... take time. Laugh about it.. Then move on, to be honest.
Home owning has been exciting, frustrating, challenging, tiring, exhausting, thrilling, humbling, and filled with rewards.

This blog is my way of documenting life, family, DIY projects, decorating, and everything else in between.
It's a blog that represents us. Our life. And all things that make us happy.

I believe there is beauty in struggle, mishaps... the day to day struggles that we face.
We all have our own story. And if our story can touch one other person. Then it is worth sharing.

Our life is messy. I am not that mom that has a spotless home. I believe in a home that is lived in. If you were to stop by you would find action figures spread throughout the house. windows that have been touched by sticky, dirty fingers. my husband's socks that never find their way to a laundry hamper. Dog hair almost everywhere... Nala sheds terribly (I cannot keep up).

I try to not stress about the mess. It is more important to play and make memories than to spend all that time cleaning. Kids are only little for so long. It is important as mothers we let go of that "perfect image" and take a break sit on the floor... and just play. And it is okay... that after bedtime... rather than spending hours cleaning to ... lay on your couch and catch up on your DVR.
We need that sometimes.
The laundry will still be there tomorrow.

I hope that you will stick around a little while and check out my blog.
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