Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A day at the museum....

I took the day off of work a week ago to take a day to hang out with Jerry and Maddux since our weekends are always so rushed!! We didn't want to end up just sitting around the house all day, so we decided we would check out the Burpee Museum. I haven't been there since I was in grade school. and well Jerry hasn't ever been there. People always tell me Maddux is too young for all these things, but its getting him out of the house and getting him to see new things.. so really why is it such a bad thing? Plus as you will see in the photos, he had a GREAT time!

Well Burpee Museum... had a few cool things. The dinosaurs were cool. i remember as a kid thinking the fossils were cool. As an adult.. not so much. But if you say the word science to me.. i immediately feel my eyes get heavy. So I am lazy.. and I am not really one that wants to learn about dirt and fossils. I figured they made me do that in school. and i am over it now. But one day Maddux will think its cool... and I am sure that will change my opinion on it.. well maybe. At least I will pretend it does ;)

Well anyways. back on topic. The museum dinosaurs was neat. They are putting in more dinosaurs... since I cannot spell the dinosaur names. I will refer to them as their Land Before Time names... they are suppose to be getting a Three horn (Sarah) which was my Favorite in school. So that will be neat :) and the Indian Part was pretty neat too. But the section on fossils and fake looking animals... and the various levels of dirt and rock... i zipped right thru that.

But I can tell you Maddux's favorites. Were the fish... Looking down at the river walk they are building.. and sitting in the canoe... (which i realized there was a huge sign that said do not let your kids sit in the canoe... OOPS) i really didnt see it until after. Oh well.

Well anyways... here are a few pictures of our day out to the museum the other day :)
The Canoe...

him reading about the Idians and where they live in the winter :)
Jerry and Maddux... Running for their lives!
I am posing... maddux.. he is eating :)

... and the best part for him... FISH


  1. How fun!!!
    Did you know that people actually travel from all corners of the world to the little Burpee Museum just to see 'Jane'! Crazy huh? Oh and check this out. Just found out last week that the Triceratops might have never existed?!?!? Oh the things science will do to us. First they take away Pluto as a planet and now this! I know....i'm a dork. =)

  2. I cant believe they are saying it never existed. Its like all of my elementary learnings dont mean a thing anymore... its sad.


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