Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forever and Always...

I am not the greatest photographer... I would really like to learn more about it... which hopefully i do... but i think it will end up being a lot of trial and error... and time.. .which i dont seem to have much of... unless its 9 pm and maddux is sleeping and Jerry is occupied in Volleyball Land. Then I get some me time... but thats not really the prime time to play with my camera.. I keep hoping I will just win the lottery... then i would have time (and money) to play around with hobbies... a girl can dream.

anyways... on with my photo...

I love this photo... for several reasons.
This is a picture I took of my husband's cousin at her wedding. This is of their first dance. and if you cant tell from this picture she is a wee little thing. :) She is an absolutely amazing person. She is so unbelievably caring... I mean if I need something she will do everything she can to help me. and really those types of people are far and few to come by. She has always supported my husband no matter what... She means a lot more to me than I can explain on this blog... but i think she knows and understands how much I love her :)
but i Really Really love this photo... because on accident (and if i had better photography skills... it would be better) but it caught a tear when they were dancing :) and i just thought it caught quite a cute little moment... and she looks stunning.

Love them both <3

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