Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Cards.... Order your Christmas Cards!!!!!

Well this will be our first year we are able to send out a a family photo card for Christmas. With Maddux being born December 7th ... last year.. well Christmas cards werent on our mind at this time of year. But now the holiday are upon us (man they sneak up on me fast every year) and well now is the time to order your holiday cards to make sure you can get them sent out in time for Christmas. Well then I came across this insane deal over at Shutterfly for bloggers... clicked onto their website... and started dreaming up my own ideas of what our Christmas Card should be this year... something traditional... something funny... ???
This Christmas card will be a huge deal this year... This will be our first Christmas card... a tradition we will continue from here on out... Planning on getting the camera out this weekend and snapping a few creative family photos. It will be a surprise to see what we come up with :)

Bloggers ... Shutterfly is having a promotion. If you creat a blog about their holiday cards they are offering you 50 free cards... dont miss out!!!!!

Decisions Decisions... I love the holidays... speaking of which i need to come up with a fun way to display all of these Christmas cards this year!!!
well take a look around their website you wont be disappointed!

Have you checked out Shutterflys holiday cards they are adorable!!!!!

Like this one...

Or how about this one.... (my favorite... i think...too many to choose from!!)

Or... how about this one....

or maybe you have more than one photo you would like to share....

but who could resist this offer.... take a look over at Shutterfly today to order your holiday cards...
There are SOOO many too choose from. It will be difficult. I warn you.

Take a look at Christmas cards here:

Photo Cards here:

and Thanksgiving cards are here:

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