Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace The Camera

My husband's side of the fam lives about 2 hours from us. And even though its ONLY 2 hours... its so hard to get there. First off. Maddux is a terrible traveler. He hates it. He hates the car. Most people say "oh kids just fall asleep on long car rides" well apparently mine does not. So two hours of pure screaming because he is trying to escape the straps... well its exhausting. Second. My husband is a volleyball coach so two weekends a month he is out of town on tournaments... so if we get a weekend at home together... the last thing we want to do is travel... and Third... well life just is busy. Theres so much to get done and since we both work... we live for our weekends together. Unfortunately they dont like to take the interstates... they dont get the chance to come up to us either...

So all in all. We dont get to see them as much as we would like. Which is hard because every time they see Maddux... (usually once every couple of months...) sooo much has changed. He is growing so fast!

Well we went to visit them to finally celebrate Christmas. And we got two amazing gifts. Tix to Cubs game (Thanks Paul!) and some Xmas Money :) Soooo since they dont get to see Maddux that much we decided to put that money towards a new flip video camera (since for the life of us we cant figure out how to get our handycam on line) so we bought that as soon as we got back in town. I am excited that we will of course enjoy all the clips we can get of Maddux... but also so now family in Tinley Park will actually get to see some video of him. Rather than just stories over phone/email/etc.  I know Maddux's grandma will really appreciate getting to see them :) So this makes us all very happy!

We had a great time visiting... He was insanely tired when we took these photos right before he left... he passed out while being held about 2 minutes after these... poor baby!!!

Maddux with Great Grandma....

Maddux with Grandma and Uncle Paul.....

Grandma... with a very very tired Maddux....

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8. Snow days... Getting stuck inside all day with the fam!
9. scrambled eggs with ketchup. Yum.
10. white chocolate caramel Coffee Creamer
11. Flip video camera to catch moments such as "if you're happy and you know it" fun
12. Amazing Neighbors that come over with their snow blower and take care of our driveway
13. Long naps with my lil man, Husband, and our dog Nala... all on the same couch.
14. Toy Story


  1. Precious Pictures! And I TOTALLY can relate to the car ride! My first 2 were perfect, lovely travelers! Enter 3rd child, good sleeper, calm baby, HATED the car! Didn't matter where we were going 5 hours or 5 minutes. Screaming, crying, not fun! Now she is 2 ~ and she still has her car moments. Some days she doesn't want to get buckled and screams for her Daddy (I'm the meanie mom, I guess) other days she starts up while we're driving, and miracle of miracles, some days she just hangs out and sings and dances with me (because car dancing looks very cool) :)

  2. Thank you for you sweet comment! I would love for you to join my project! Check back this afternoon and link up and tell all your friends!

    Check out my 14 Days of Love Challenge and show those you love, you love them!

  3. Love the pictures! ...and thanks for your comment! Hope you come back and visit my blog!

  4. Sweet, sweet pictures with Grandmas! My son loves his Meme! It's a sweet relationship!

  5. It was my first that hated the I didn't leave the house for the first 8 months of her life. Worked for me.

    Beautiful, lovely, precious photos. You clearly made some family members very happy. Jana

  6. Wonderful pictures! I completely get the car ride thing - mine gets car sick all the time. Makes traveling so much fun. Glad you did get together with the fam though.

  7. Those photos are wonderful...great memories that your child will always have and hold dear!

  8. I love that baby hair... he's a doll!

  9. Oh I feel you - I have car screamers, too. Makes going anywhere no. fun. Your little guy is precious!

  10. He looks SO precious! Love the pics! 2 hours might night seem like a lot but it sure is with a babe who doesn't like to travel. Glad you got to go for a visit :)

  11. This post is precious. My daughter was also a screamer during long rides up until she was 15 months, then she began falling asleep. He'll grow out of it soon enough. :)


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