Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our moments.

This weekend was just me and Maddux all weekend long. Just us....

It's amazing how many times this weekend I would just stop and watch him with pure wonderment. I am truly amazed by every single thing he does. Every single little thing.

This weekend he would bring me books... babble like he was reading them to me.
He learned how to work his shake cars (you shake them and they take off) and clapped with pure excitement at what he just accomplished...
He found his nose... when we played the "where's your nose" game

Each of these moments... these tiny small moments brought tears to my eyes.
It's unreal what motherhood does to you. I am just floored by the amount of emotion that comes with this... I was emotional before and now... its almost ridiculous.

But heres my hope....

I hope that I never lose this sense of amazement. No matter how old he gets... I hope every single moment... every single new thing he does... the look on his face when he genuinely excited.... when I hear the words "mama" come out of that mouth.... I hope that I will always have to fight to hold back my emotions... I hope every single time that happens.... at any age... these moments continue to amaze me. That I always take the time to stop what I am doing... and just let myself be in that moment. Capture that moment... because these moments ...  are my life.

Cheesy Grins
Squeeeling and running down the halll
Tackling Teddy Bears
Trying to share food with Nala
Goldfish breath
Splashing in the Tub
Babbling at books
Blowing kisses
Chasing runaway naked booties

These moments... bring me pure absolute happiness

1000 Gifts
36. Spaghetti dinners with the family
37. Phone calls about nothing with my dad
38. Getting tackled with hugs
39. Rain - signs of spring
40. Ripped Comfy Jeans

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