Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Embrace The Camera _ Getting Old Edition

Its amazing to me how fast he is growing up.
My baby center emails starting referring to him as a toddler after he hit a year old.... but he wasn't a toddler... they were crazy he was my baby.
But then BAM it hit me the other day... my baby is in fact a toddler.
Looking in the mirror holding him realizing he covers almost half of me. When did this happen???
No... seriously... When?

This week I turned 29... Yup 29... I also don't understand when that happened either?
It was a very confusing week for me....
I'm still in denial.
I'm only 28.. and my toddler is still a baby...
until I look in the mirror, he is a toddler... (but I'm still 28... forever 28)

Well... At least I can make my last year in my 20s amazing...
and maybe giving myself some serious blonde highlights like blonde... you will see. its coming. i promise.. blonde makes me feel younger... and let me tell you. I need to feel younger STAT.

85. The power of highlights
86. makeup
87. more makeup
88. watching my son explore this world... completely fearless
89. birthday kisses from my boys


  1. Hope you had a fantastic 29th Birthday! You look great and not old! For the rest of our lives, I imagine we would give almost anything to be 29 again! Make this years trip around the sun epic!

  2. A new stage to enjoy. I love the last picture.

  3. Loved your 2nd pic! So confy...

    Here, in Brazil, we decided to do a "mommarazzi week"!!!
    These are our pics from yesterday.

    Hope you like it!

    If you wanna see the others, go to


  4. I handled 29 pretty well, and even 30. But 35 was tough this year. Toddlerhood is fun! I think 18 months is the most magical age of all.

  5. ahh, you look great. I just celebrated my birthday yesterday also.. I'm sticking with 28 it was my favorite.. :)

  6. You look amazing!! Age is just a number ;) Time does go fast!! Cute pictures as usual :)

  7. cute pictures! I'm turning 35 soon and I still feel like I'm in my 20's, so that counts right!?

  8. Cute pictures! It's amazing how fast time can go by!

  9. They grow up so fast! Great pictures. And enjoy your last year in your twenties, I'm almost there as well.

  10. Looks like your life rocks for a 29-year-old :) My son turned one when I was 29 and it helped me turn 30 last year. I was ready to be 30 because I was a mom and my son was almost 2! But the highlights will help you feel good :)

  11. happy birthday! you don't look a day over 28 :)

  12. I'm quickly approaching 30 and it's scary crazy! My baby is about to be a toddler and it's nuts! Love the pics.


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