Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Sling

My son LOVES books. I cannot even explain to you how much. They are his most prized toy. He reads them to himself... brings them to me to read to him... reads to Nala... He Loves them.
I am insanely happy that he loves books this much... Its adorable. And I may be biased but its the most adorable thing I have ever seen :)

For Christmas my mom wanted to make all the grandkids book slings that are all over in blog land. I first saw it at SillyEagleBooks which is a blog I adore!

So we went to the fabric store grabbed some fabric to suit each kid... and spent a few hours making them.

Here are some photos of Maddux's. We put it low enough for him to get his books in and out of... and we put his chair over there... I am thinking of adding some floor pillows so he can have a little reading corner. But as you can tell in these photos. He is enjoying his chair just fine :)
Dont mind the hoodie with no pants look he is modeling... thats just how we roll in this house.
(Hes got short legs... hardwood floors. so he slides all over the place... first thing he wants is those pants off so he can run!)

77.  Books
78. A boy who loves a good story
79. Chubby thighs
80. Being so proud of this little boy it almost brings me to tears... at any moment of the day
81. my husband having spring break off to spend with our son
82. Spending long days at the hospital... leaving with positive results
83. my dad's sense of humor when he is nervous
84. pain medication (for dad)


  1. The tree fabric is beautiful!!! I love how it turned out and I am always especially intrigued to see what books people have inside their slings! Thanks for linking to me--I'm following you now. :)

  2. I love the sling and am so glad Maddux loves books as much as you did when you were little...


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