Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace The Camera.

Monday my dad will be going in for surgery.
So I looked for a photo of my dad with Maddux... but my dad is hard man to take a photo of.

He is going in to have an adrenal gland removed which is a simple procedure from everything I have read/ been told by the doctor.
However my dad went in for this surgery a little over a month ago.
Had some pretty serious complications so they decided to not go through with it.
So now they say they are prepared for those complications in case they happen again.
And Monday we are trying it again.

So if you could keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers I would appreicate it.

I am going up with him for it. and in my mind... nothing will go wrong. I will tell you I am 100% positive nothing will go wrong. Because thats the only way I would ever look at a situation like this. I don't like reading the small print on what could go wrong. Because I feel all that does is cause stress. My dad decided he was having this surgery.... so the only answer is... Everything will be just fine.

Because my world doesnt exist without my dad.

So since I couldnt get a photo of my dad and Maddux.... to embrace.
(maybe once he is feeling better)

In honor of my dad...
and add a little humor to a stressful weekend.

A photo my dad appreciates.

This was taken during the Bear/Packer game this year in the Playoffs.... my dad was over..
Maddux was very emotional for the game....

Alright lets get this game started (all smiles)

Wait WHAT????

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (the end of the game)

Nala is trying to lick away those tears of defeat.

Please excuse me for breaking the rules of Embrace the Camera this week.. Usually I follow them to the T. But its been a rough week... and I know I have some on my camera... but finding the time to go through them edit them... just give me a pass this week.. I will bombard you with my face next week (pinky promise)

73. The wait til next year attitude us Chicago Fans embrace
74. My dad...
75. Nala always willing to kiss away Maddux's tears.
76. the ability to be hopeful.


  1. Awww, where is the pic of you? I will pray for you dad, best of luck to him! Happy Embrace the camera day!

  2. Hope all went well with your the pic of little guy with the hat on!


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