Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wall Art

I realized that I never shared with you my favorite Christmas present this year....
We received these from my Mom and Step dad this past year, And it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

These are currently hanging in Maddys bedroom. Aren't they just perfect????

And since I am sharing some wall art.
We are currently working on a gallery wall... on random things that have to do with us... so its been taking some time.. because we don't want it to be all photos. A few photos... but also a few randoms...
So here's a few that we have up right now.. and we are adding some almost everyday. So hopefully once everything is delivered by the end of next week I can share with you how it all comes together.

An old map I found of Ohio at the flea market.... We are taking our first family vacation to Cincy this summer

And obviously this little print is a tribute to Nala.... how could I not buy that once I found it... seriously?

101. Finding prints that suit us perfectly
102. Listening to my grandfather tell me stories about when he was younger
103. Spending the day shopping with my mom.
104. Finally having enough energy to run 3 miles... So exciting!

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