Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Embrace The Camera

Maddux loves to play with fake food... pots... pans... dishes... and bottles.
He loves feeding his teddy bears bottles.
Its adorable.
He stirs up a toy pot ... rams a spoon as far as he can into your mouth (because he literally attacks you when you are not expecting it) and while you are trying to stop yourself from gagging... he takes the spoon away from you... stares at you.. then very sternly says.... Mmmmmmmm. As if how dare you not enjoy his cooking.

The most frustrating thing was trying to find gender neutral toy food... I mean kids mimic what we do... why would they not have more universal dishes??? All I could find were Disney princes... until I came across a set at Target... which still included a few pink pans... he doesn't mind of course... :)

He sure is the cutest little cook I have ever seen.

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95. Watching Maddux's imagination grow while he plays
96. Chips and Salsa
97. Getting fed fake food.... Yummmmm
98. The feeling of having dishes done... and ALL the laundry finished
99. Lilies from my husband
100. Loud Thunderstorms


  1. Looks so fun!! Love your series of photos!

  2. that is an awesome collage! Love it! You are both so cute!

  3. these are just absolutely adorable!

  4. So cute.. my two do the samething!

  5. my son loves when i pull dishes out for him to play with! it's so fun seeing their imagination develop. great pictures.

  6. So sweet! My boys love playing with toy food as well. Good times!

  7. Adorable! A little foodie in the making!

  8. he is definitely the cutest little cook.

  9. awesome! cute kid & great embrace!

  10. my little baby is obsessed with our play food right now too! i love when they make the little chomping sounds, too cute!


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