Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giving Old Furniture... a New Life.

I have had this armoire since high school... and I love it. It was my favorite thing in my bedroom. But it couldn't go with me to school.
I left for college and it got borrowed to my niece Alyssa... she started sharing a room with her younger sister and it was taking up too much room so it got given back.
My step dad spray painted it white... and I used it in Maddux's nursery.
But now that my lil man is no longer a baby and his room is filling with boyish things... I decided to take out the armoire and give it a little face lift.
I forgot to take a "before" photo. But it was just spray painted white..
However he is a in the middle of sanding outside photo.... which is lovely

So That was the middle of this project. Have you ever sanded off spray paint on furniture? This was my first time... and it hurt.
But anyways.
This is the first step in our bedroom redo. I have always wanted a vintage inspired bedroom. So I thought this curvy armoire would be a good start. I decided to paint her a light grayish blue... and its really hard to see in these photos. But if you put it up against anything white the grey really pops.
I added some pink knobs ... and thankfully my husband didn't seem to mind too much. He shrugged and said... "whatever you want" so we will see where this goes. Depending on what we end up with for the final bedroom redo... they might change. But right now I am currently loving them.

So now to bombard my blog with a ridiculous amount of armoire photos...

So there she is. I love how up close you can see the knicks and scratches in her.... I don't know why but I always love a piece of imperfect piece of furniture...

What do you think?
Corny staging my dresser outside.... I know. But I feel like it helps :)

I am excited to be finally taking the time to put some effort into our bedroom... anyone else have the problem on that's the room that seems to get ignored the most.... ?

255. Currently obsessed with the color grey on anything
256. small girlish accents that my husband doesn't fight
257. Coloring at the table with Maddux
258. Nala curled up at my feet.
259. Giving old furniture new life
260. Maddux's obsession with Toy Story.... absolutely adorable.



  1. I like it a lot- love the vintage feel. It will be a great starting off point for your room!

  2. This is AMAZING!! We host a link party every Tuesday and Sunday over at J&M's Eye Candy blog!! Would LOVE for you to link up! Please share your awesomeness :)))



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