Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party.... a glimpse at a few more details

So it shouldn't come to any surprise to anyone that I have been working on Maddux's 2nd birthday party this summer. Last year for his first my concentration was on all the other kids at the party... because my family has A LOT of kids! But this year with him being 2! I am excited to actually plan a party around him. I have decided this year I will do a kid table.... with all the extras I can think of. And the part I will show you that I have been working on recently are the place mats for all the kids.
Now ... these aren't completely finished... 1. because these things are insanely hard to make 2. I am personalizing them so I have to wait til it gets closer to the date so I know who is coming.

I have a few names on these because I know those kids will be there... so its easy for me to plan around them. Now you will notice that none of them have black eyeballs... because the white out is drying in these photos. and you might notice that only one of the Rex's have arms... and that's because... I hate making those arms so I am now saving those for last....

But anyways. I plan on doing a kid table so when they get to the party they have a place to sit. I am going to laminate these so the kids can take them home....

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254. Coffee Table books of family photos and favorite memories

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