Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embrace The Camera

Last weekend we went to Brookfield Zoo to spend the day with Maddux's grandma and great grandma. We had a lot of fun. Maddux was so excited about all the animals and being able to run around ... about halfway through our visit it rained... but then it let up... so we stuck around... then it started raining with no end in sight. We had no umbrellas... (you would think I would have packed one) so we high tailed it through the zoo and through the parking lot.... we were soaked... Maddux loved it. Luckily it was still 80 degrees while raining....
After running through the parking lot... and getting ready to load up in our car I asked my husband to take a photo of Maddux and I soaking wet....

So here we are... after our enjoyable rainy day at the zoo :)

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282. Playing in the rain
283. The zoo
264. Giraffes and Polar Bears (my favorite animals at the zoo)
265. Warm summer days - when the rain feels good and not freezing! :)


  1. What a bummer about the rain, but at least you still had fun!

  2. We've done the rainy day at the zoo before. :) What fun and nice that it was 80...

  3. Way to make the best of it! =) Rain can't stop us from enjoying the zoo either. Cute picture!!

  4. So fun! Even thought your day was rained on, think of the newly created memories! :)

  5. What a fun day ... rain and all :)

  6. perfect moment even in the rain! especially when it's hot out like that!

  7. We visited the zoo last weekend and got rained on at the very end. Actually felt pretty good!

  8. super fun memory!
    so glad you captured it on camera :)


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