Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The House Project

We are finally homeowners!!!!

Do you ever go into something... having a very made up mind of what you want... but then coming out with something completely different?!?! That is what happened to me in looking for houses. I went into it thinking I wanted an old house... I wanted character. Lots of character.
And we found a few that I loved.... but they needed too much work... or were out of our price range (sigh)

But then we decided we would just check out a few of the foreclosures and short sales. And that is when it happened. I fell in love with a new house. And to be honest.... I feel that I have so much more to do to a new house than I would have an old house. Because with a new house... you get the exact same house the person 4 houses down from you has.  And some people are ok with that. Some people love that part!

But for me... it is now my mission to add some character into our "cookie cutter" home.

So as time goes on I will be sharing some home projects... and I am sure it will be a lot of trial and error. Maybe more error than we would prefer...

Since we just moved in and we are still unpacking... I have no updates on the house yet. Plus I don't want to rush into changing things... i think taking our time... living here and really deciding what we want.. will waste a lot less money. Otherwise... if I went with what I wanted at this minute... I would end up covering all my furniture in chalkboard paint and turquoise furniture... Ok. Maybe not that crazy.

So I figured I would share with you some inspiration for the new house... and as of today... these are the home ideas I am hoping to steal .... use for inspiration :)

Source: google.com via Fawn on Pinterest
Source: tipjunkie.com via Fawn on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Fawn on Pinterest
So there are a few rooms I am pretty set on pulling inspiration from. However... fixing up the house will take some money... and money takes some time. We are currently working on Maddux's big boy room. Hopefully I can share that with you this coming week. :) We are waiting on some artwork to show up in the mail!

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