Monday, November 28, 2011

Xmas To Do List

I have been MIA for the past week. We have been moving... and it. has. been. a. process.

But things are slowly starting to calm down..  Later this week I will be hosting an exciting giveaway and some DIY Xmas projects. Maddux's 2nd birthday is also just around the corner... so we are keeping busy over here.

So I thought I would share our Holiday to do list for Xmas :)

Do you have holiday traditions you do every year? Maddux is 2... we are going to attempt to start a few traditions this year... however... 2 is not a very cooperative age at time ;) so we will see what we can accomplish. I think everything on this list is completely doable... popcorn garland might be a challenge... and I am not sure if he will care about the elf on the shelf concept this year... that might be a bigger hit next year.

Do you have any traditions I can steal?  Please share....


  1. We watch The Polar Express every year, and can't possibly watch it without having hot chocolate of our own at the same time :) We're pretty eclectic here so OUR tradition is not sticking with tradition! Each year we try something different.

  2. We started the gingerbread house last year when Vivi was 2. She loved doing that project with Grandma. Now she is soooooo excited to do it again! We already decorated salt dough ornaments (yes we are excited!) and saw Santa. The stocking is always from Santa and she gets the naughty vs nice concept. This year to try to combat tantrums, we are trying to get her to spread "Christmas cheer" as Santa's helper. I made a Santa themed tutu.
    She is helping pick out and wrap gifts for children who are in foster care. This one is tough 'cause she wants all the gifts but it is a chance to explain somethings (lightly). I think it will get better each year. Now for a parade.

  3. I try to add a few new traditions each year, and now that i've found that's not a problem :) The last few years we threw reindeer food, made picture ornaments for close relatives, made letters to Santa (they cut pictures out of magazines since they were too little to write) and that kind of stuff. This year i've compiled a list of 25 Christmas movies & 25 Christmas books (one for each day) I'm wrapping the books up individually so they will get to unwrap one each day before we read them. We also had a Polar Express party a few years ago with the kids close friends/cousins and it was a lot of fun! Probably going to do that again this year :)


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