Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking forward

A list of creative goals for 2012
I do not believe in New Years Resolutions... I just do not like that word resolution.
However I do have a list of things I would like to accomplish this year... so in a way.. it is a resolution so to speak. 
Just not your normal... diet and exercise type resolution
Well exercise is on this list... so ....well .. 
Back to the point

A few things I have on my to do list this year include

1. More Artwork With Maddux. I love this paint in the glue containers.. genius.
We have been doing artwork for the holidays together... but now that we have moved I would like to do this once a week with him.

2. Try new recipes for dinner. It seems that we get into this cycle of the same recipes that get switched out. So I am hoping to add a few more to our lists this year. This baked potato soup looks amazing.

3. Plan Birthday Morning Traditions... for Jer, Maddux, and Nala.
I would love for them to wake up to a surprise. 

4. Date night with the Hubby. Even a date night in. Taking a night to hang out and not do house projects.. at least once a month is something we need to make a priority.

5. Paint our kitchen... pretty much exactly as shown here

6. Annual Photo of Maddux. Must do. Also need to try and get more photos of Maddux and Nala together. how to get my dog to cooperate is beyond me though.
Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

7. Start a running routine again. This was forgotten about once I started the new job... then bought the house... I need to get back into the habit

8. Build Entertainment Center for Living Room. So excited to start this project!

9. Organization in master closet. need desperately.
Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

10. Garage Storage... also a necessity. asap

11. Adding some curb appeal on our house this spring. Painting our front door. planting flowers...adding flower boxes to our window. Updating outside lights... The outside needs some TLC

12. Putting in a stone patio. Our deck is tiny... and I would prefer a stone patio... hoping to add one off of our deck like this picture I found on Pinterest. Lucky for me my dad does concrete.... so he should be able to get us started!
Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Looking forward to the New Year! New Memories With my family! New experiences! New challenges! And celebrating the New Year in our New Home!


  1. Great goals! I should put a few of them on my "non-resolution" list too! I make goals too - not resolutions.

  2. great goals and nice of my goals is to start running again, hope we can do a couple of 5K's and maybe some 10K's this year


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