Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have one tiny space finished in the house... Finally

I realized this is my first post of the year... and I am going to share pictures of our landing. 
Because that is the only thing that I have remotely finished.
We just put in new floors in our living room.... So the Icky carpet is gone!
And we are currently painting our fireplace and the baseboards... 
Hoping to get our living room back together this week!
The things on the table were just whatever I grabbed... Those are not permanent. I am hoping to find a catch all bowl... and maybe a tall vase or some candle pillars. Not sure yet. 


My mom gave me the canvas of Maddux for Christmas and it was one of my favorite presents this year. I just love this picture. Looking at this picture... I just can't help but think... Hello Gerber.. why haven't you called and offered me money for that face? Because that face is PRECIOUS! 

The sewing cabinet I redid about a year ago... and remains one of my favorite pieces. I updated the knobs to something more colorful... and now is used to hold extra blankets... sheets.. and candles.

I needed something else to go up there. 
So I took this old canvas that I no longer used.... 

Painted it black and then hand wrote a quote I found on Pinterest that I liked.
I was a little nervous about doing this... but I figured worst case... I would just have to paint over my handwriting and start over with something new. 

But turns out... I like it.

Well anyways. I took all of these things and put them at the top of our landing. 

So here is one small area of my house that is actually basically done! :) 

  So there it is.

Here's to hoping for more updates on the house this week!
I would love to have more done! If only I could have an extra 2 hours in a day. What a difference that would make.... 


  1. Fawn - I LOVE how your canvas turned out! You are so creative! You have inspired me to join interest, and now I am ADDICTED! I'm spending my afternoon working on some ideas I found on there!

  2. *Pinterest - stupid autocorrect!

  3. Love the canvas too! What a great landing!

  4. what did you use to write on the canvas?
    Melody :)


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