Tuesday, February 28, 2012

25 Things

I have seen these posts floating around. And since everything I am working on right now... is no where close to complete. I thought I would give this a try.

25 Random Things Right Now

1. I am currently working on my first piece of furniture using chalk paint. Well five pieces.... I am redoing our table and chairs for our little breakfast nook area. It is definitely different. But so far I am loving it.

2. I am still working on my closet. That's what I get for letting my husband play a bigger part in the process. :) He always has an excuse on why he cant work on it. Always!

3. Yes I did just call my husband out on my blog for being lazy. I hope he reads it and feels guilty. But I am quite positive he will not read this at all.

4. I have just now started watching Big Bang Theory. And might be obsessed.

5. I am excited to see Star Wars in 3D. Totally geeking out.

6. I am equally excited to see The Avengers....  It breaks my heart I have to wait a few more months

7. My husband bought me a kindle a year ago because I desperately wanted one. I have used it. Once. Oops! I am hoping to make more time for reading ... soon. Hopefully I can get in the Hunger games before seeing it in the theater. However sometimes I prefer to read the book after the movie..... that way I am not disappointed.

8. I just bought my first smart phone ever. Ridiculous. I know.
9. I haven't seen my sister in a few weeks. And I miss her like crazy. Funny how sibling relationships change as we get older. :)

10. My son fake falls for attention. (I guess he really does take after his momma...) --- I hope Erin reads this because she may be the only person who understand this.

11. My son also insists that the entire house get up and dance to the Hot dog song (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) .... Mom, Dad, Nala, and "Oh No" (his teddy bear). It is a party here every Saturday morning.

12. I have watched Kristen Bell with the Sloth like 7 times on You-Tube. I cannot help it. I find it hilarious... and I cannot help but think if we met in real life we would be close friends. I am pretty sure that is completely one sided... but I think I could win her over.

13.  I am thinking about taking a photography class at the local community college... Since I haven't taken any yet... and am quite sure I am missing out on a lot with my camera

14.  My 2 year old son is horrified when I sing in the car. My voice is that bad.

15. We just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this year. We try to stick with traditional gifts... this year it was fruit.  I got my husband a gym membership... and decided that 4th year was fruit (the year of health). He got me a new lens for my camera... and said... Now I can take pictures of fruit  I am pretty sure this year was a fail at sticking with traditional gifts.

16. I have chickened out on going red. I am just going to add in a few red highlights. That is what I get for taking my time on this. But it is probably for the better.

17. I have developed an obsession for Nutella. I resisted the Nutella bandwagon for a long time.... had it once. and My goodness... I understand all the hype now. Uh-Mazing.

18. I went and saw The Vow this weekend. I loved it. I mean I could watch Channing Tatum do anything.... But I also find Rachael McAdams to be one of the most adorable woman in Hollywood.

19. I hate movie theater popcorn. Really hate it. I do not know what it is... I have never liked popcorn.

20. I lost my grandfather last week. It has been my biggest fear to lose someone close to me. I have been lucky in life... as far as this goes. I have held onto my grandparents.... I tend to deal with these situations awkwardly though. Its weird. I am an emotional chaotic mess when it comes to the smallest things... I mean a song on the radio can set me off into this state of ridiculous crying.... However... things close to me... I almost deny... and put up such a guard... its awkward. There is no right way of dealing with these things... but sometimes I am aggravated by my own emotions.

21. Spring is almost here.... which means Thunderstorms. I am looking forward to Thunderstorms.... and the smell of rain :)

22. I am also looking forward to Spring. So i can get out there and start running again. I haven't decided if a treadmill is worth the investment. I would like to think I would use it... but I am easily distracted.

23. I find making friends as an adult... one of the hardest things to do. How do you make friends? I am too busy to make friends... let alone keep up with the ones I have that live far away. Growing up is hard.

24. I do not feel my age. Ever. And the thing I found more disturbing than my own age... was saying my sisters age out loud the other day. When did she get that old? And then it hits me... a panic attack... if she is that old... that means... crap. I am getting old.

25. A cup of coffee in the morning makes my day. I think getting older... the smaller moments stand out more. I feel that I find complete happiness in the smallest details. I like to believe that comes from having Maddux... being a mom... seems to point out more of the small moments. and cherishing those small moments... My best memories in childhood... are those small moments... so its nice to think... making ice cream sundaes on Saturday night and watching movies... will someday be a cherished memory of his...

Well thats it. 25 Random Thoughts.

Now I need to finish up a few of my unfinished projects... because I am telling you... I have unfinished projects everywhere at this point.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    And it is hard for lots of us to make friends as time goes on. My mom lost her best friend last year. They knew each other for 40+ years. I wonder if I'll have that someday.

  2. I loved reading these comments. I feel like I am getting to know you better through your blog than I did when you were at EIU.

    I know it is hard to lose someone near to you. But, one day you will focus on the happy memories and not feel so sad, I promise.

  3. Loved the 25 Randoms! Funny how we have a lot in common. I, too just started watching Big Bang Theory, my son said it was a must! Looking forward to post!


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