Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Shelves

I love simple projects. That I can actually finished. Because sadly... I am easily distracted... and I tend to start a project before I am close to finishing the previous. Its a problem. I need to stop.

This is a quick post... because.. this is simple. Insanely simple. and Insanely cheap. Two of my favorite things when it comes to house projects.

I love these shelves on Pottery Barn

But the price tag on them... were insane for something so simple.

I took some boards... cut them to the size i wanted... stained them. Then attached them to the wall with L shaped brackets. Now I thought about spraying them with oil rubbed bronze to get them to look more like the photo. but then I got lazy... and decided... they looked good enough :) And I called it a day!

So simple :)

I made four to go around our TV in the playroom (I will share a larger photo later... )

Here our the ones I made...

So simple... and cheap. The perfect combination of words when it comes to a project : )

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