Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playroom Art Station

Our playroom was missing an art station... And I wasn't sure where I wanted to add this in exactly...

But then my mom got all the kids art kits for Christmas. Which included a paper roller for the wall... that she picked up at Ikea. So we found a spot to mount this to the wall... so he can draw on.
I had his first artwork he ever brought home from daycare framed at our previous house... so I took that and hung it above the paper roll.
Then hung a basket of crayons on the wall (out of his reach of course... )
so this way... if he wants to color ... while I am in the room...  i can get the basket of crayons down for him.

When I am not in the room... hopefully he doesn't find a way to reach them and color my walls :)

So another small addition to our playroom was the art area.
Now we have a little art station all set up for him :)

Love the new masterpieces he has been creating on here :)


  1. Great idea for a kid's room! He will love it for many years!

  2. you have a really cool


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