Friday, July 20, 2012

Losing My Mind!!!!

I think after a lot of work this weekend I will have some pictures to share...

For the past month I have been losing my mind.... drowning in unfinished projects...

The kitchen is almost to a point of where we will have to stop for now and save money to re-do the floor. The mudroom lockers are almost complete - which means the laundry room is almost complete! :)

And I am currently trying to give the front door... some more privacy with a very simple method I learned on Pinterest. :)

SO once i have the "After" photos to share. I will throw up a few posts :)

But currently... Here are a few in progress photos of the above projects...

Frosted Front Door Windows (In Progress)

Kitchen Updates (Very much in progress)

Mudrrom Lockers & Laundry Room (In Progress)

So hopefully I have a productive weekend :)

Too many projects going on at once!
Why don't I just work on one project at a time????
Sigh. One day I will learn.

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