Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sofa Table

I constantly praise Ana-White on her genius free furniture plans. Our kitchen is open to our living room, where we have a giant sectional. So we have been needing a table to set things on, rather than setting them on the floor.

I have been debating over which sofa table to build off her website...

But after I built my desk seen { HERE }

I decided to use those plans and change up the legs for a sofa table.

Thank you Ana-White.
I love this table. Seriously love it.

I finished it with Dark Walnut Stain... but then added the classic grey stain over the top. I love how the finish turned out. This will look so much better once I stage it. Add some lamps... some books.... whatever else I come up with. :)

But for now. Here is the finished table... by itself.

She will be really pretty once i dress it up :)
After I go shopping and find some lamps.... anyone seen any deals anwywhere?

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