Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dining room Inspiration

December - As stated many times ... I am dedicating to painting trim. because. I need to do it. and I have put it off long enough. So as I have also said.. many times. I am bored with my curtain project. I have no pictures to share. I mean... its just trim. When its all finished. I will share a few photos... but for now.. nothing to show.

So while painting trim I have started thinking about our dining room (it will be the room we tackle next)

So here some inspiration..

I'm am thinking about building a bigger dining table. I currently and kind of digging this X base... not sure though

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest

I am also kind of liking these white metal chairs. I also like them in steel color...

I am thinking about something like this gallery wall on my planked wall in the dining room.

I LOOOOOVE this chandelier!

Source: via Chantal on Pinterest

And I love soo much about this room . Rustic wood table. white chairs. pretty chandelier. planked walls.

So the plan is.

Wood floors
Large rustic dining room table
white chairs
girly chandelier
planked wall
gallery wall

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