Saturday, December 15, 2012

Super Hero Birthday!

Our son turned three this past weekend and he is currently obsessed with Super Heroes. So it was appropriate to throw him a super hero themed party.
Our basement has been a work in progress so please ignore the rough space we threw the party in :)

My favorite part of the party decor was the engineer prints we had made at Staples. I love these.

Just my personal opinion - the one on the left I had made at Kinkos... the other two were done at Staples. Staples was a much higher quality. Much higher. and cheaper. so ... if you are going to to these. I suggest going to Staples.

I think i am going to somehow try to incorporate these into his clubhouse under the stairs... if i can get them protected .. so they will hold up to little boy playing :)

We made the kids capes and super hero masks. Had a few party games... pin the shield on captain America... knock down the villains.... our photo booth with comic signs and hero masks. We also gave the kids super hero tattoos :)

Mainly at this age. Maddux just wants to run around. so that is what he did for most of the party :)

He is widely outnumbered by females in the family... :) But luckily he loves spending time with all of them and they played hard.

We all had a great day. Maddux enjoyed the day with family. And so did we. :)

Thank you to everyone that gave us Loud light up guns. Man that made my night fun too by the way ;)

In all seriousness. Thank you to everyone that came and made this day special. We love spending time with each and everyone one of you :)

Here are a few photos from our photo booth we had set up :)

Maddux had a great time and for the next week did not understand why we couldn't play birthday again! :) He kept running downstairs looking for everyone... and was disappointed to find an empty basement. Poor kid :)

Thank you for making this a memorable day for all of us!

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