Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

I like to make a list of things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year... on all levels. So in no particular order here is a list of things I hope to start/change/improve on/make time for.... etc

1. Start Running again! Luckily the new job has a 24 hour fitness center directly across the street. Saying its inconvenient will no longer be an option. I will just have to get my booty out of bed and make myself do it this year
2. Start a garden. I have been wanting to do this for a while. and we have the perfect spot in our back yard that I really don't see us using for anything. So i am hoping to get a few garden beds in and see how this goes .. come early spring

3. Put in a patio! and expand our deck. lets hope we can get these outdoor upgrades in ... planning on early spring so we can enjoy them during the summer. we will have to see how that all goes.

4. Finish the basement. (well get the walls mudded) and things presentable. Hoping to get the floor in this year. but we will have to see what all happens. Floor would be an added bonus... lets just say that.

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5. Actually do something with the dining room. Tear up that gross carpet. put in flooring to match the rest of the first floor. put in the floor to ceiling book cases i have been dreaming off. get a pretty chandelier. build a table. buy some new chairs. you can see... a lot to do in this room.

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6. Spend more time outside with Maddux. this year should be easier to do that. we have the swing set up... plans of a trampoline. and Santa just brought him a bat mobile power wheel. So hopefully we spend a lot of time outside.

7. Birthday traditions established. been wanting to do this. haven't had the time to do it yet. 

8. Take more trips to zoos, aquariums, museums, Chicago with Lauren... take more small trips with Maddux. :)

9. This year Disney kind of outweighed birthday party planning and I had to cut back a lot on what we all did. So this year I would like to get back in the swing of how I want his birthday parties to be. so that means more planning on my part!

10. Save more money. learn where to cut back more. put more away.

Source: via Amg on Pinterest

11. Eat less processed foods.... this is always requires more planning on my end. which is why i fail at it. but maybe this year. ;)

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  1. I love your goals! I might need to add some to my list now! Its been a long time coming to be out of debt plus we live were house don't cost very much so thats a plus too!


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