Monday, January 28, 2013

Painted Island

I painted an island... again. The light grey just was not doing it for me. And I looked online and I love turquoise islands. Love them. But our walls are blue so I figured that just was not going to work. I didn't think I wanted black...
So I went to Sherwin Williams grabbed a ton of color swatches and taped them up and then ... I decided. How about a dark navy blue. It offsets the white cabinets but does not clash with the blue walls... So I painted it. And at first I wasn't sold... I think at first I just had my heart set on a turquoise island. but after about a week... I came to my sense and realized this actually makes sense in our room. And even though its not what I had planned... I love it.

I love how it stands out in the kitchen... but not too much.

I think its important to be okay with the fact that you will change your mind. Luckily... this was just paint so I was only out 20 bucks. Not too bad...
Sometimes what we think will look good ... does not... at all.

But I find that more times than not its worth it. Especially when it comes to paint. Its the cheapest way to make the biggest impact in a room. Even if you are just painting a piece of furniture :)

Here is my new dark island... I love it :)

In other news... I also finally finished installing all of the hardware... its awesome. I want to hug it. daily

The room is getting closer and closer to being done.

Still left to do

- Back splash
-new sink and faucet
- finish window treatment
- paint window
- paint pantry door
-french doors
-Island cart next to kitchen table
- Rug

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