Sunday, February 3, 2013

Organization Step 1 of 2013.

One of my resolutions this year is to organize the mess behind closed doors. Because... I am terrible at it. Especially in certain areas. I have gotten better in kitchen. that is fairly organized.... well organized for me. But my hall closet was scary. It was honestly a place that everyone just threw their junk.

So here is my embarrassing photo

Seriously... its bad.
And I do not feel like that shows just how much junk was in there.
So once it was all out... Here is another photo.

Yep true story. all of that... was thrown in there.

Ps. Emily has still not picked up her fireplace. Someday ;) Just kidding Em. Take your time :)

The giant rack across the closet seemed a tad pointless for what it was being used for. The lockers in the laundry room holds coats and shoes and all that stuff. So this has become more of a cleaning closet.
So I moved an ikea bookcase into the closet to place cleaning supplies and other odds and ends on. added a rack to hang mops and brooms on.. and then on the other side There will be coat hangers screwed into 1x3s (I still need to do this) . So that way when company is over in the winter there is still a place to hang coats. I am thinking three rows... just in case and that should hold enough.  I also have some shelves hung up on the far left side and then some hooks to hang extra bags on.

There are some extra blankets folded on top of the bookshelf. I am considering putting some higher shelves in above to hold more blankets and sheets but I thought I would wait until I reorganize other linen closets in the house. Hoping to re-organize one closet a month. Otherwise I will get burnt out. :)

This cost me 3.50 which was the amount for the wire rack to hold the mops and brooms.
Everything else I had around the house. so not bad for a practically free project.  Ideally I would love to have all of these in woven matched baskets. But I think it will be easier for me to have the supplies on the shelf. That way I can grab what I want without having to do dig through any bins. I will have to see as time goes on. And make some changes here and there... I am sure.f

Next up add some moulding to these doors and paint them black. Yep. Black doors. Adding moulding to all interior doors and painting them black is on my February to do list. :)

I need more organization in my home. However... most of the time to organize .. you have to spend so much money to do it the right way. Luckily this time it was practically free.
I am a huge fan of working with what I already have.

How about you... any organizing projects on your list?

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