Sunday, February 17, 2013

30 Random Things

1. For the past 6 weeks I have embraced a whole foods diet. It has not been as hard as I have thought.

2. I have given up meat and most of dairy.

3. I still need a little creamer in my coffee and I still have goat cheese. I thought it would be a bit more difficult... but so far so good.

4. However once in while.. a grilled cheese sounds amazing.

5. I am hoping to change my outlook on food. Less processed foods and hopefully instill that to Maddux. That is the goal. Lets hope I can keep it up.

6. I have also been running for those 6 weeks. Running is hard. I never like it. Six weeks later... I am still hating it.

7. I think if I could find my Ipod and listen to music while I run, that would help.

8. That is the one thing I miss now that I have Apple Tv. I miss CMT - music videos. A lot.

9. I recently started a new job. I am enjoying the people that work there so much. I feel that this is a much better fit for me. Back to what I enjoy doing.

10. So with all of these things going on I have been busy. But am finding balance.

11. So I can start working on the house again. Thank goodness!

12. Basement project picking back up, painting doors, window moulding, window seat, etc. so much to do!

13. I am still painting trim. Still. this is the longest project of my life.

14. I have been trying to keep track of random conversations with Maddux. Writing a few of my favorites down. I am thinking about adding these to my blog, so that I can create a book of them :)

15. He just finished up his first sport basketball.

16. His last practice he was pumped. Doing the best he has ever done.

17. Then it happened.

18. The coach asked who their favorite super hero was... and I just knew. Practice was over for him.

19. They went around in a circle... and had to say their real name and their favorite super hero.

20. They got to Maddux... and he was shaking and had the angriest look on his face. And the coaches looked over at me... as he started to growl and stand up.

21. All I could do was laugh. The laugh... where you are trying to hold it back so much. That you start laughing so hard you are crying.

22. I knew what was happening. Maddux was turning into the hulk.... and there was no turning back.

23. And... well That was basketball practice. Me trying to tell him no more super heroes and using every bribe I could come up with to try to get him to stop becoming the hulk.

24. But Hulk was there... and he was not going anywhere.

25. Thankfully his coaches are amazing.

26. It is always surprising to me when young teenagers have so much patience with kids.... I never had that.

27. Actually I am not sure how old they were. The older I get the younger people look.  Weird how that works.

28. We start soccer next week. I am hoping all the running helps him sleep more at night.

29. If it works... I might try to find several leagues so we play soccer everyday. Just kidding.

30. But in all honesty. I miss sleep. I sleep less now that he is three... than when he was a newborn. I am hoping its a phase.... crossing my fingers and toes... this is just a phase...

That't it. Thirty Random things.... :)


  1. Hi Fawn! I wanted to share a little love. Congrats to the no meat, no dairy! I think you will find nothing but positive benefits (this coming from a girl who swore she could never be a vegetarian)! I made the choice to switch about 3 years ago after watching some documentaries. They shed light on the truth about how/where the meat I was eating was coming from, as well as the unnatural habit humans have formed over the years to consume another animal's milk. At first, Kyle (boyfriend) & I started making the meat dishes we normally ate (spaghetti, burgers, etc), but substituting with the meat-free version at Woodmans or Choices in Rockford. Since then - and we lived in Portland and now NYC since - our diet has really changed, cutting out the processed meatless products and making our own instead. After you get used to vegetarian eating, start looking for TVP - textured vegetable protein. Google it if you want to know more; it's very healthy. But its similar to tofu in that it can take on any flavor, but much more chewy and satisfying. I use it in different forms (or form it into my own patty or "meatless" ball or "crumbled" or whatever) almost every night. I have noticed a huge difference in my overall health & wellness since I changed my eating habits. Good luck to you and your family! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas you want to share; it's really become a lifestyle I enjoy engaging in. And Maddux is adorable - I love all the posts & pics of him!

    1. Thank you! So far it has been pretty good. A little difficult to find new recipes at times. We have tried some of the soy meat... but I haven't found any that I have been that impressed by. I will look into TVP. I will do some googling tonight :) Love your new blog btw :)


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